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Care Credit

Paying for your health and wellness needs has never been easier. Dr. Kashan proudly accepts Care Credit as a financing option. With Care Credit, you can easily cover the cost of your procedure without having to worry about high out-of-pocket costs. Simply apply for Care Credit with Dr. Kashan online using this link and get an answer within minutes. Enjoy the benefits of your aesthetic journey, while making convenient monthly payments that fit your budget.

Mommy Makeover

Connect with your confidence and craft your contoured silhouette.


Motherhood is a beautiful journey, and you should feel your best every time you look in that mirror. A mommy makeover empowers you to create the post-pregnancy body of your dreams. It involves a customized set of procedures that work to improve the tightness and lift of your stomach, breasts, waist, thighs and skin.

Whether you’ve had one pregnancy or many, significant weight gain or loss during and after your pregnancy, or a long period of breastfeeding, the mommy makeover can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


Rejuvenate and reinvigorate your post-baby body

Dr. Kashan will tailor your mommy makeover based on your individual needs. He is able to swiftly and expertly enhance the fullness and shape of your breasts and tighten and tuck any loose, unwanted skin and fat on your abdomen. Furthermore, he offers facial procedures like facelifts and neck lifts to restore your youthful glow. Together, we can craft a post-pregnancy body that makes you feel your best.


Where post-pregnancy feels even better than pre-pregnancy.

How does a mommy makeover work?


A mommy makeover is a combination of multiple different plastic surgery procedures tailored to your unique goals and desired aesthetic outcomes. During your consultation, Dr. Kashan will help you to understand the variety of options at your disposal and decide which are most suitable for you. The goal is to tighten, lift and enhance, creating a stunning post-pregnancy body for you to feel your best in.

How soon after pregnancy can the procedure be performed?


We recommend waiting at least six months after your pregnancy before you join us for a consultation. This is to ensure that you give your body the time it needs to heal and settle into its natural shape. We also recommend that you schedule your procedure once you no longer plan to become pregnant again, so that the cosmetic results will last and retain their efficacy well into your future.

What is recovery like after a mommy makeover?


After a mommy makeover, you will need some time to relax and restore yourself. Tummy tucks, breast lifts and breast augmentations will require two weeks, at least, of recovery time. Of course, we understand that your life is both busy and full, so we tailor our treatment plans to ensure your recovery is as swift as it can be, while giving your body the time it needs to heal and restore balance.

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