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Care Credit

Paying for your health and wellness needs has never been easier. Dr. Kashan proudly accepts Care Credit as a financing option. With Care Credit, you can easily cover the cost of your procedure without having to worry about high out-of-pocket costs. Simply apply for Care Credit with Dr. Kashan online using this link and get an answer within minutes. Enjoy the benefits of your aesthetic journey, while making convenient monthly payments that fit your budget.

Fillers and Injectables

Treat yourself to stunning volume and enhanced definition


Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. Say hello to happier, healthier-looking skin. Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your cheeks and lips or eradicate those pesky forehead wrinkles, Dr. Kashan will help you select your ideal solution.

Fillers and injectables work quickly to enhance your aesthetic, delivering a boost of confidence and rejuvenation so you can take on your world feeling fresh at home, at work and beyond.


Unlock your natural beauty with self care that makes you feel more ‘you’

Fillers and injectables are non-surgical treatments that help you to remove the appearance of crow's feet, lines and wrinkles on your face. They can also be used to create fullness in the cheeks and definition along the jawline. Results are natural-looking and reveal your youthful and energized self.


A clearer vision of ‘you’

How does the filler and injectable process work?


You will start off by scheduling an appointment at the Kashan offices. The appointment itself will only take 15 - 30 minutes – most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they can fit this self-care boost into their busy day. Dr. Kashan will inject filler into the areas that you have discussed and agreed upon beforehand, in order to achieve the best results. And voilá, that’s it. You can return to your day afterwards.

How long will the results of my filler last?


Fillers are temporary and the longevity of the solution will depend on the specific filler used. Some last 2 months, others up to 1 year. However, the good news is that you’re able to come back into the office for a top-up after our recommended period of time has passed.

Will my fillers look natural?


Dr. Kashan’s signature approach to fillers and injectables ensures that results look natural and create an optimized aesthetic. With decades of medical expertise, Dr. Kashan’s deep insight into human biology and medicine enables him to perfectly position and plan the results of the experience, providing meticulous, stunning outcomes.

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Explore the fantastic results we have achieved for our vibrant client community.

Shine with fillers and injectables. Browse our Before and After gallery to see how we have helped our clients to increase their confidence and reshape their aesthetic.

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